Lux Extensions takes pride in our hair and the Queens that wear it! Our hair is 100% unprocessed virgin hair and if properly taken care of will and can last any where between 6 months to 1 year. We take pride in the bundles we send out and will be sure to double check before sending out each order. No bundles are a like and there will be some differences but the quality is our priority. 


Upon the receipt of  the hair please be sure to comb/brush and wet the hair to be sure you are completely satisfied before unwrapping and taking off the wrapping. We will be sure to assist in a refund as long as the hair has not been undone.If there are any problems with the hair, contact us immediately BEFORE using the hair so that we may discuss a refund.

Before  Installation

Upon opening and receiving your lovely lochs we recommend you preform a co-wash (washing with just conditioner), and allow the hair to air dry.

Daily Maintanence

For daily care we recommend you wash your virgin hair with sulfate free products, preforming a shampoo once a month and a co-wash twice a  month. Use minimal styling product to prevent product build up. Avoid excessive heat to prevent damaged hair. Remember when brushing hair start at the ends and work your way up.


This is virgin hair, so treat it as your own. If you decide to cut your wefts please use weft sealant to prevent maximum shedding.

Curly Hair (Deep and Kinky)

Please be advised that Deep Wave and Kinky Curly lochs require the most maintanence of all textures. For wet, curly and wavy hair we recommend using a  leave in conditioner. The more heat you use the harder it is for these textures to maintain its natural curl. Try not to comb or brush hair while dry.